Our Work


Here are some highlights of Listen’s developer community successes over the years.

The team representing Shopify at GraphQL Summit 2018 in San Francisco

The team representing Shopify at GraphQL Summit 2018 in San Francisco

Shopify Developer Platform Conference Series

While leading Developer Community at Shopify, our founder lead a strategic event campaign to spread the word about Shopify’s developer platform program, taking ~20 Shopify developers and designers to represent Shopify at diverse and inclusive developer conferences in 10 cities and 4 countries in 2018. A first for Shopify’s platform team, these conferences allowed for connections with thousands of developers across many communities, resulting in endless relationship and app building opportunities.

2018’s recipients share a drink in Toronto

2018’s recipients share a drink in Toronto

Shopify Unite Fund

Shopify’s Unite Fund is an annual scholarship fund to enable underrepresented/lower income partners and developers to attend Shopify's annual partner and developer summit, Unite. While at Shopify, our founder was inspired to launch the fund in 2017 in response to a lack of diversity at 2016’s summit. She led and grew the fund again 2018 and set the stage for an even larger fund in 2019. The fund will have been awarded to 25 recipients by the end of 2019’s Unite conference, and has become an annual commitment for Shopify.

Photo by  Adeolu Eletu  on  Unsplash

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

Keen IO Developer Community Survey

While managing Keen IO’s Developer Community in 2016, our founder developed and deployed a comprehensive community and developer survey that measured Keen community diversity, developer satisfaction, surfaced relationship growth opportunities, guided content generation and broadened the horizons of the Keen IO developer community. This survey methodology provides the basis for Listen’s survey approach.