Who’s listening?

Listen Community Consulting was founded in Montreal in 2019 by Sarah-Jane Morris. SJ spent 6 years in San Francisco building inclusive developer communities at companies like Mashery, Intel, Keen IO, and most recently, Shopify. Prior to working in San Francisco, SJ spent 9 years in Montreal working on marketing, community, SEO and branding at both B2B and developer-facing companies. She’s driven by an audacious vision of a diverse and welcoming tech industry.

SJ named her consultancy Listen for a number of reasons:

  • Healthy, inclusive communities take the time to listen and learn from each other. Respectful, empathetic listening is a core building block for any community.

  • In the 1970s, SJ’s dad, George Morris, founded a recording studio and advertising agency called Listen! Audio Productions. SJ’s dad is the reason she’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Carrying on the Listen name is a true privilege. ❤️

When she’s not building Listen, SJ spends her time traveling, walking, tweeting, and preparing for her future kitten.

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