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Sarah-Jane Speaking at ForwardJS Ottawa

Our Founder, Sarah-Jane Morris, will be speaking at ForwardJS Ottawa on building inclusive developer experiences:

Building Inclusive Developer Experiences

If you’re creating something for developers - an open source project, an API, docs, even a developer meetup, it’s tempting to think that if you feel welcomed by it, others will feel the same. If you’re creating something you want to not only last, but grow, there are some basic questions you can ask yourself from the beginning of a new developer-facing project to ensure you’re building something welcoming, inclusive, and best of all, sustainable. In this talk I’ll walk through 10 of the best questions to ask yourself, as well as some handy resources to help you find the answer, while creating your awesome new developer project.

The conference is happening from April 9-12 and SJ’s speaking slot is on the 11th at 3:00 PM.