Our Programs

Listen offers a series of developer community growth programs* that are firmly based on listening. We start with a complete diagnostic analysis of your current developer program, your goals and your KPIs. From there, we take a deeper baseline measurement of your community health based on a proven developer community survey methodology our founder created in 2016. This will give us the data we need to create a complete developer growth and inclusion strategy based on your community’s needs. Once this has been created, we’ll be thrilled to help support and sponsor execution of our plans.


Before we can help build your developer growth and inclusion strategy, we first need to listen to your community. In our signature Listen program, we’ll establish a baseline by looking closely at your current metrics, discussing your goals, and deploying a community survey measuring and providing detailed reporting on:

  • Community demographics

  • Preferred tools and frameworks

  • Open Source contributions, if applicable

  • How welcome developers feel in your community

  • Community events



Now that we’ve heard from your developer community, we’ll work with you to create an actionable, realistic strategy balancing your team bandwidth, budget and community needs through our Grow program. Outcomes include:

  • Website/docs inclusion analysis (language, imagery, etc.)

  • Code of Conduct for all community spaces

  • Comprehensive & actionable event strategy and recommendations

  • Tools/framework strategy and recommendations

  • Open Source strategy and recommendations, if applicable

* All program services can be provided as standalones, but are more effective within the context of our comprehensive Listen & Grow strategy.

Watch our founder SJ walk through our core program offerings:

Listen can also help you connect with developer community professionals

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